Telecoms in Africa – the challenges and opportunities

The importance of telecom in Africa

The traditional telco offerings are losing to new digital technologies. That’s why telecoms need to implement new strategies to respond quickly to the industry’s challenges. Read more to learn about the challenges and opportunities that Africa’s telecommunications sector have to face to become a leader in a new digital market….

Big Data in the Middle East – a success to follow

Big Data Middle East

Big Data is only useful when meaningful, and the right insights can be extracted from it. Turning data into valuable information is the key to creating new innovative possibilities in business. The Middle East countries were the ones that early adopted Big Data analytics. Read more to find out what lies behind their success. …

Reducing customer churn with Big Data analytics tools

Reducing customer churn with Big Data analytics tools

Collecting large amounts of data and analyzing it allows telecoms to truly understand their customers and deliver services adjusted to their needs. However, loosing acquired customer base is still a big concern. Thanks to Big Data analytics tools, customer churn can be reduced, and competitive advantage can significantly grow. …

How to keep privacy in the age of Big Data?

Keeping data privacy in the age of Big Data

Poor management of Big Data is a real privacy risk. But without data analytics, companies have a hard time understanding customers behaviours and making smart decisions. Carefully planned data management strategy is crucial to ensure that data moves around with minimal risk. But how can we keep privacy in the age of Big Data?…

AI and Big Data – the cooperation that works

AI and Big Data

AI and Big Data relationship is already really promising. AI will help generate more useful insights from Big Data analytics, predict things before they happen, and simply – save more time. The interaction between AI and Big Data is still in the early stages, but discovering its potential helps achieve meaningful results….

Big Data impact on business

Big Data impact on business

Big Data impact on business is tremendous. With the help of Big Data, companies want to improve their customer service, increase profit, reduce costs, and upgrade existing processes. Big Data can create new ideas for companies’ growth and expansion. Using real-time analysis, Big Data impact on businesses can be even more lucrative than ever….

Mobile content marketing – an essential part of your marketing strategy

Mobile content marketing

With the increase consumption of digital content via smartphones and mobile devices, marketing strategies need to adjust. Focusing on the mobile-first approach and mobile content marketing can make your campaigns successful. Creating engaging and useful mobile content gives a significant advantage over your competitors….