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Data is the most valuable resource for businesses today.

Customer data accounts for 34,6 % of the total Data Monetization Market. Telco operators, banks, retailers, insurers and all other operate on large amounts of customer dat. They can increase their growth by using data collection and analysis to understand their customers better and further optimize their experience.

Do you know how much is your data worth? Estimate data value below:

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TASIL, a ready-to-market data monetization platform. It is the perfect tool for transforming raw, collected data into valuable insight, thanks to its unique features:

  • Hyper-targeting advertising – with TASIL you can analyze vast volumes of your data in real-time and offer unique advertising services. Reach the customers of your clients with personalized messages at the right time and the right place with the right message.
  • Market-ready product – TASIL is ready to implement in about four months.  It can come with branding and business knowledge as a fully plug&play service.
  • Easy to be synced with your enterprise data – it can be easily synced with the information you already have,
  • Safe and secure for customers’ data – TASIL is the most trusted platform for gathering your data. You can be sure that customers’ privacy will be preserved. Data anonymization is essential to us!

Interested to see how TASIL gain value from data in practice? We managed to successfully monetize data for one of the biggest company in Oman. Omantel’s data and our technology were transformed into best-in-class, fully functional hyper-targeting SMS platform. Visit this website to see how it works.

Are you interested enough to try TASIL, our data monetization solution? Contact us to find out more!