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How much can your data be worth? Examples of data monetization

Can your company value its data? It’s probably precious, but who can tell how much is it worth? The value of data can grow every moment, by gaining more insights about customers, by selling it to the other parties, or by producing more data on your company’s own. Through data monetization, your business can start treating information as an asset…

Data monetization – a part of a successful business strategy

In today’s world, every company operates on data. And every company wants its revenue to get bigger. But not every company know that data monetization can be both beneficial and successful. Each data has its value, but insights gathered from this data can be even more valuable. Therefore, companies are trying to use each tool possible to grow their revenues….

Big data analytics – a profitable resource for telecom operators

Nowadays, the number of people using smartphones, tablets or other electronic devices, is growing rapidly. The amount of data produced with these devices is vast and hard to process. Telecom operators are finding this a challenge, that is very difficult to handle. However, thanks to Big Data Analytics solutions, they can make this an opportunity, a profitable one even. The…

TASIL partners with Carrefour Oman

Cutting-edge innovation of TASIL, ease of its use and quick and measurable results it delivers, make it quickly winning the trust of new clients. The ability to send marketing messages via SMS to a precisely-selected group of recipients, in real time, taking into account their current location, is an unquestionable competitive advantage of our solution over other online marketing platforms….

Insurance data – the untapped potential

Considering digital natives’ expectations during strategical planning, including personalized products in offers, consistent, omnichannel customer service in real time or, on the other hand, choosing a path leading to business failure – this is the choice that any insurance company faces in the era of digital economy. Digitization is the engine of change, revising everything from consumers’ behaviour and expectations…