Main benefits of behavioural segmentation in marketing

Behavioural segmentation in marketing benefits

Behavioural segmentation provides the necessary context that allows specifying customers’ behaviour, demands, and motivations. Behavioural segmentation is challenging but definitely worth the reward. Understanding your customers’ needs is the key to personalization, allowing you to perform the best marketing campaign possible….

The importance of behavioural segmentation in marketing

Behavioural segmentation - the importance in marketing

Behavioural segmentation is the process that groups customers based on their behaviour. It allows marketers to understand their target group better. Analyzing their behaviour and aligning them with various needs, provide better results. Taking the time to understand and use behavioural segmentation can satisfy your customers’ needs….

Best data collection methods for improving your customers base

Data collection methods for improving your customers base

Data collection is a process of gathering and measuring information on variables of interest that enables to answer queries, stated research questions, test hypotheses, and evaluate outcomes. Depending on the needs, data collection methods can vary, but it should always focus on keeping integrity, accuracy and reliability….

Is the human face of Big Data going to save our planet?

Is the human face of Big Data going to save our planet?

Green data is a term, used for the tendency of “going green” by companies using Big Data daily. Climate change is now one of the greatest challenges, and big environmental data helps us understand it all. The application of Big Data to stop global warming is what is known as green data. It’s one of the ways to save our planet….

Hyper-targeting and its importance in marketing

A few benefits of mobile advertising

Hyper-targeting identifies and understands who your target audience is. By leveraging data about your target group and adjusting your budget or campaign size to the specific needs, you can achieve better results. Focusing on various attributes of your audience is an essential factor while talking about hyper-targeting….

A few benefits of mobile advertising

A few benefits of mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is one of the key elements of current marketing trends. While rethinking your marketing strategy, putting the main focus on mobile as a medium is a must. This communication channel enables lots of different types of mobile advertisement to choose from, depending on your company’s needs. …

Let’s talk about Big Data security

Big Data Security

Big Data security is a topic still in its infancy. The GDPR was a big step towards Internet security that raised awareness about data breaches and that your data is never truly safe. But there is also a big topic of data sharing, data monetisation, or the privacy in the world wide web. How can companies prevent themselves from data breaches or other unwanted use of their data?…

What is your data value? Data monetization examples

Data monetization examples - check what is your data value

The value of data is a big topic nowadays. Companies finally begin to understand that gathered and analyzed data can be valuable. But there are still people that are not convinced to this idea. Thanks to a few data monetization examples, presented in this article, you can start treating information as an asset and gain benefits from taking its value to the maximum….

What can be better than using third-party data?

Third party data alternative

Third-party data is the type of data you buy from outside sources that mostly includes interests, demography and purchase intentions. By using third-party data, companies can precisely target their desired audience group, run more effective digital campaigns, improve their digital presence, and give their customers exactly what they need….

Data monetization – how to monetize data successfully

How to monetize data

Nowadays, every company operates on data, but not everyone knows that they can gain something more out of it. Insight gathered thanks to data analysis can become something precious. Different benefits can be achieved thanks to data monetisation, such as increasing your company’s revenues or improving customer experience. But how can it be done?…