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AI conversational agent - real-time marketing

The more technology advances, the more companies can personalize the customer experience. At the beginning of introducing personalization into companies’ strategy, they included a customer’s name in an email or proposed recommendations based on previous purchases. Now it’s all about improving customer experience, which leads to an increase in conversions. Today’s personalization should make customers’ experience easier and make them feel understood. Conversational agents offer a way to personalize the customer experience like no other digital medium. And Actionbot, our sisterly solution, is the perfect example of such channel.

Personalization improves customers’ experience

Each company that wants to provide excellent customer service should focus on personalization. The Everstring report called it a “top priority” for almost 70% of brands. But it’s not only about remembering a customer’s name – true personalization is all about understanding customers’ journeys. Once you know what they need, you can send them the right message at the right time and drive business results.

93% of companies with an advanced persolanilization strategy saw revenue growth

45.4% of comapnies without a personalization strategy saw equivalent growth

We’ve been writing about the importance of personalization in marketing for a long time. Follow our blog to read more about personalization of customer experience, using hyper-targeting in marketing, or other related topics.

What should be mentioned again about personalization is that companies need to invest in appropriate tools to fully achieve their potential which leads to improving customers’ experience. Retixa, our real-time data processing engine, is a perfect example of such a tool.

Retixa – real-time personalization engine

Retixa, an engine that is responsible for the success of TASIL, offers spot-on personalization. It can gather, analyze, and, what’s most important, use the data about customers. The solution can be integrated with all relevant sources of data. It is available in one place, without replacing the company’s CRM or other management systems. Retixa takes information from these channels to create a dynamic profile of each customer that is continuously being updated in real-time.

This engine offers personalization in various ways. It can dynamically show content on the website or mobile app, use push-up notifications for showing personalized offers, send an email with recommendations and suggestions based on the previous purchasing history, and many more. All these can be achieved in any digital channel used for communication with customers. But is there any way to achieve personalization on an even higher level than this?

Chatbots – conversational agents take personalization to the next level

Chatbots are currently increasing in popularity as many businesses use them as an automated communication channel that provides personalized content to their customers. They can call customers by their names, remember their favourite products, or purchasing history, and provide relevant recommendations. However, conversational agents, supported by AI and NLP engines, can do even more than that.

Conversational AI refers to the use of messaging apps, speech-based assistants and chatbots that automate communication and create personalized customer experience.

Conversational chatbots are the most advanced AI chatbots. Equipped with Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing engines, they can deliver the best possible experience. Thanks to these technologies, the chatbot knows different words, analyses them, and understands the context to acknowledge a question fully. Then it is easier for the chatbot to provide satisfactory answers and resolutions.

Conversational agents have the main advantage over traditional chatbots – they understand the meaning behind the words and can put them in a broader context. Also, they can recognize all the misspelt words and understand them either way. And that guarantees a complete and successful user experience.

Actionbot as an example of an innovative conversational agent

Actionbot, the sisterly product created by TUATARA, is an excellent example of such a conversational agent that completes data-driven customer experience. It can understand natural language thanks to advanced NLP algorithms powered by IBM Watson Assistant. It can answer any question in 13 different languages and by showing your customers videos, images, links, or any other needed content. What’s more, Machine Learning algorithms allow it to understand the meaning behind the request with intents and entities. What makes Actionbot unique is the understanding of the context. It will enable him to listen, observe, understand, and respond to customers’ needs.

AI, ML and NLP

Conversational agents are capable of understanding, processing, and responding to human language. Using sophisticated learning and understanding of natural language allows them to elevate customers’ experience into something truly unique. With Actionbot, you can go beyond simple responses. It is also capable of real-time processing of customers’ interactions with various channels. By analyzing these interactions, Actionbot can trigger the appropriate actions. In other words, it reacts to customers’ activities.

We have a few examples of how Actionbot can be used to improve personalized customer experience.

Customer support

Providing excellent customer care is now the top priority for each company. By implementing Actionbot on the website, companies gain a support agent that can answer most of their customers’ questions. Our chatbot is available 24/7, understands the specific context of each question and adjusts its answer to each customer’s needs. Personalization allows companies to get much closer to the consumers and build up a personal bond between them and the brand.

Actionbot can become proactive support for your customers that is available 24/7.

Process automation

Navigation on the website, especially during the first visit, can sometimes be a little bit difficult. Actionbot can automatically direct your customers to the subpage they are looking for. But that’s not all. It can also assist in making money transfers or gathering the information that allows him to fill up more complicated forms for your customers. Offering a unique customer journey on each digital channel improves customer loyalty and makes each customer feel welcome.

See how our chatbot offers assistance in the automation of more complicated operations.

Lead generation

By customizing content on their websites, companies can expect to generate more leads than their competitors. Actionbot can take it even higher. Integration with various sources of knowledge allows it to understand customers’ needs correctly. It can quickly identify their activities and purchasing behaviours. With such data, it can suggest the most suitable product adjusted to each customer’s needs.

Actionbot uses personalization to suggest the next best purchase.

Product advisor

Tailored offers make customers feel satisfied, appreciated and less likely to complain. More personalized recommendations drive higher conversion from customers who are merely browsing to those who are buying. Actionbot gains new knowledge from each conversation with a customer, which allows it to propose offers and services tailored to customers’ needs perfectly. Thanks to the understanding of specific contexts, our chatbot consultant delivers the best digital service.

If you need help with choosing the right option, Actionbot is your digital advisor.

What makes Actionbot unique

Actionbot and Retixa – the perfect cooperation

The cooperation between Actionbot and Retixa offers a complete customer data-driven digital experience. Actionbot should be constantly fed with the knowledge to become an even smarter conversational agent. One of the sources that could improve its potential is Retixa. Integration with Retixa offers much more advanced personalization options, and, as we already mentioned a few times before, personalization is the key to a successful customer experience.