Customer segmentation advantages in the telecom industry

customer segmenation advantages in telecom

Telecom companies need to find new ways to make sure that their business will stand out in this super-competitive market. Therefore, boosting customer experience to make marketing more effective is one of the key segmentation advantages in telecom. Read our article to learn about segmentation techniques and their benefits to the telecom industry. …

Main benefits of behavioural segmentation in marketing

Behavioural segmentation in marketing benefits

Behavioural segmentation provides the necessary context that allows specifying customers’ behaviour, demands, and motivations. Behavioural segmentation is challenging but definitely worth the reward. Understanding your customers’ needs is the key to personalization, allowing you to perform the best marketing campaign possible….

The importance of behavioural segmentation in marketing

Behavioural segmentation - the importance in marketing

Behavioural segmentation is the process that groups customers based on their behaviour. It allows marketers to understand their target group better. Analyzing their behaviour and aligning them with various needs, provide better results. Taking the time to understand and use behavioural segmentation can satisfy your customers’ needs….

Hyper-targeting and its importance in marketing

A few benefits of mobile advertising

Hyper-targeting identifies and understands who your target audience is. By leveraging data about your target group and adjusting your budget or campaign size to the specific needs, you can achieve better results. Focusing on various attributes of your audience is an essential factor while talking about hyper-targeting….

What can be better than using third-party data?

Third party data alternative

Third-party data is the type of data you buy from outside sources that mostly includes interests, demography and purchase intentions. By using third-party data, companies can precisely target their desired audience group, run more effective digital campaigns, improve their digital presence, and give their customers exactly what they need….

Switching banks in the era of Open Banking

Switching banks in the era of Open Banking

Nowadays, people don’t need to have any important factors to make this kind of decision. One of the main reasons is a simple one – looking for innovation. Focusing on new technologies, making the user experience more personal, or providing customers with special offers is what drives this change, especially when we’re talking about Millennials….

Why personalize customer experience?

Personalized experience

Personalisation has significant benefits, both for retailers and customers. If you don’t provide a personalised experience to your clients yet, it’s high time to change it. Knowing your customers’ needs develops loyalty, increases sales and improves a brand’s reputation. It will definitely pay off, both for company and its customers….