Why personalize customer experience?

Personalized experience

Personalisation has significant benefits, both for retailers and customers. If you don’t provide a personalised experience to your clients yet, it’s high time to change it. Knowing your customers’ needs develops loyalty, increases sales and improves a brand’s reputation. It will definitely pay off, both for company and its customers….

Towards understanding the customer – the latest tech trends in marketing

Marketing tech trends

The way of thinking, expectations, and interactions that customers have with providers is constantly changing. It is crucial to understand customers’ needs, find efficient communication and precise targeting, focus on marketing automation, and emphasise interactive content. It’s also important to follow the latest tech trends to be on time. …

Improving loyalty and experience with customer analytics

Improving loyalty and experience with customer analytics

For the business to develop and flourish, it is necessary to understand the customers and to improve interaction with them. Customer satisfaction has a direct impact on customers’ behaviour in the future. Listening to their needs will help you identify your business’s strengths and weaknesses and discover areas that require more work and improvement….

TASIL partners with Carrefour Oman

Carrefour, a giant retailer, starts cooperation with Tasil Oman

TASIL is easy to use and provides quick and measurable results, thus quickly winning new clients’ trust. It allows precise targeting of advertising messages due to combining customers location data at a given moment with information about their behaviours and preferences. TASIL can reach the right recipient at the right time….

It’s high time for real-time. TASIL at IBM Think 2019 in San Francisco

TASIL at IBM Think 2019

Cutting-edge innovation of TASIL, ease of its use and its quick and measurable results, make it quickly winning the trust of new clients. The ability to send marketing messages via SMS to a precisely-selected group of recipients, in real time, taking into account their current location, is a competitive advantage over other online marketing platforms….

SMS advertising is still alive and very effective

SMS advertising is still alive

Today’s consumers are extremely attached to their mobile phones. They use them every day, having them within reach and often starting a day by checking their mobile phone notifications. And that is why SMS marketing is highly effective. It allows direct contact with customers, providing them with information about offers or discounts….

Big Data – what’s all this fuss about?

Big Data – what’s all this fuss about?

The concept of Big Data has been more and more noticeably present during the last years. Everyone feels that Big Data is not only a right direction but, frequently called the oil of the 21st century, may even become a gold mine. What exactly is Big Data, what value and what potential does it have and, last but not least, how to take advantage of it?…